Red Headed Birds of Hawaii

11 Red Headed Birds of Hawaii (With Pictures)

Red-headed birds of Hawaii are a sight to behold, their fiery plumage a burst of color against lush landscapes. I’ve researched these vibrant species, each one a natural treasure unique to the islands. They’re not just beautiful; they’re a testament to Hawaii’s rich biodiversity. In my journey, I’ve discovered the intricate dances and songs that make each bird special. Join me as we uncover the secrets of these red-headed wonders. Together, let’s celebrate the avian marvels of Hawaii.

Here are the main points:

  • Hawaii is home to a variety of red headed bird species with vibrant and striking plumage.
  • Red headed birds add to the natural beauty of the Hawaiian islands.
  • These bird species have captivated the attention of bird enthusiasts and nature lovers.
  • Hawaii’s red headed birds showcase an impressive diversity of colors and patterns.
  • Exploring these unique bird species, including the red-crested cardinal, provides a glimpse into the rich biodiversity of Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

1. Red-Crested Cardinal

The red-crested cardinal is one of the most iconic red-headed birds found in Hawaii. With its brilliant red head and crest, this medium-sized bird is native to South America. It was introduced to Hawaii and has thrived in the island’s habitat. Its bright red head and gray plumage make it easily distinguishable among other bird species.

Red-Crested Cardinal

Native to South America, the red-crested cardinal (Paroaria coronata), also known as the Brazilian cardinal, thrives in both Brazil and Puerto Rico., the red-crested cardinal is known for its vibrant colors and unique features. Let’s take a closer look at this beautiful bird:

“The red-crested cardinal is a visually stunning bird, with its distinctive bright red head and elegant crest. It is a medium-sized bird that adds a pop of color to Hawaii’s landscape.”

This Brazilian beauty was introduced to Hawaii and has made the islands its home. Its red head, vibrant plumage, and unique crest make it a favorite among bird enthusiasts and photographers.

Here are some key features of the red-crested cardinal:

  • Size: Medium
  • Head color: Bright red
  • Plumage: Gray with vibrant red highlights
  • Origin: Native to South America
  • Habitat: Thrives in the Hawaiian environment

The red-crested cardinal’s distinctive red head and crest make it easily recognizable among other bird species in Hawaii. Its elegant appearance and charming personality have captured the hearts of both locals and visitors alike.

Red-Crested CardinalDescription
Head ColorBright red
PlumageGray with vibrant red highlights
OriginNative to South America
HabitatThrives in the Hawaiian environment

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2. ‘I’iwi (Scarlet Honeycreeper)

The ‘i’iwi, commonly known as the scarlet honeycreeper, is a breathtaking Hawaiian native bird with a vibrant red head and throat. Its stunning appearance adds a touch of natural beauty to the Hawaiian islands.


Unfortunately, the ‘i’iwi population has faced significant challenges due to introduced species and habitat degradation. These factors have had a detrimental impact on the breeding and survival of this native species.

Originally native to South America, the ‘i’iwi’s introduction to Hawaii has made it an important part of the local ecosystem. Its role as a breeding bird is crucial for maintaining biodiversity and supporting the balance of Hawaiian flora and fauna.

We must strive to protect and conserve the ‘i’iwi and its habitat to ensure its continued presence in Hawaii. By addressing the issues of introduced species and habitat degradation, we can create a sustainable environment for this magnificent bird and other native species.

Common NameScientific NameHabitatConservation Status
‘I’iwiDrepanis coccineaHawaiian rainforestsEndangered

The table above provides key information about the ‘i’iwi, including its scientific name, preferred habitat, and conservation status. As an endangered species, urgent action is needed to protect and preserve its delicate ecosystem.

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3. Apapane


The apapane is an endemic bird species found only in Hawaii. It is a fascinating member of the tanager family, known for its bright red plumage and unique beak shape. This native Hawaiian bird adds to the diversity of red-headed birds in the archipelago.

4. Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal

The northern cardinal is a bird species commonly associated with the mainland United States. However, it has also been introduced to Hawaii. Known for its vibrant red feathers and distinctive crest, this bird is a beautiful addition to the red-headed bird population in Hawaii.

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5. Redhead Duck

The redhead duck is a native North American species that can be found in Hawaii. With its reddish-brown head and bright eyes, this bird is a stunning sight. It is known for its breeding and wintering grounds and is of great importance to conservation efforts in Hawaii.

The redhead duck, scientifically known as Aythya americana, is a medium-sized diving duck native to North America. It is known for its distinctive reddish-brown head, hence its common name. These ducks can be found in various habitats including freshwater lakes, marshes, and coastal bays.

 Redhead Duck

During the breeding season, redhead ducks migrate to the northern parts of North America, particularly the prairie pothole region. They build their nests on the ground or in thick vegetation near water bodies. The female lays an average of 8-9 eggs and both male and female take turns incubating them for approximately 24-25 days.

Once the breeding season is over, redhead ducks embark on long-distance migrations to their wintering grounds. Many of these ducks can be found in coastal areas of North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Some individuals even travel as far south as Central and South America.

Conservation of the redhead duck is crucial to preserving its populations. Habitat loss due to wetland degradation and human disturbance poses significant threats to this species. Efforts are being made to protect and restore wetland habitats, which serve as important breeding and wintering grounds for redhead ducks.

Redhead DuckFact
Scientific NameAythya americana
SizeMedium-sized diving duck
HabitatFreshwater lakes, marshes, coastal bays
Breeding SeasonNorth America, prairie pothole region
Wintering GroundsCoastal areas of North America, Mexico, Caribbean
Conservation StatusThreatened

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6. House Finch

The house finch is a fascinating bird species that has been introduced to Hawaii. Known for its beautiful red plumage, both male and female house finches showcase variations of the red-headed coloration. This species adds diversity to the red-headed bird population and can be easily spotted in Hawaii’s landscapes.

The house finch, scientifically known as Haemorhous mexicanus, is a small passerine bird native to western North America. It was originally found only in the American Southwest and Mexico but was later introduced to various parts of North America, including Hawaii. Today, it thrives in the islands’ diverse habitats, making it a familiar sight.

House Finch

Male and Female Variations

The house finch displays noticeable differences in plumage between males and females. The male house finch is characterized by its vibrant red head, breast, and rump. Its back and belly are brown with streaks, providing a striking contrast to the red plumage.

On the other hand, the female house finch exhibits a more subdued coloration. Its overall body color is brown with hints of red on the wings and tail. The female lacks the intense red head and rump seen in the male, but it still possesses a unique beauty.

The variations in male and female plumage contribute to the charm and visual appeal of the house finch. The contrasting colors serve multiple purposes, including attracting mates, defending territories, and blending into their surroundings for protection.

Adaptability and Habitat

One of the reasons why the house finch has successfully established itself in Hawaii is its adaptability. This species can thrive in various habitats, including urban areas, forests, and mountains specific to regions like Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The availability of food sources, such as seeds, fruits, and insects, contributes to their ability to survive and reproduce in different environments.

In Hawaii, the house finch can be commonly found in gardens, parks, and open fields. Their melodious songs fill the air as they forage for food or build nests. These adaptable birds have embraced the tropical paradise and continue to flourish in their new home.

Conservation Status

The house finch is not currently classified as a threatened species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Due to its widespread distribution and stable population, it is considered a species of least concern.

However, it is essential to monitor the introduction of non-native species to Hawaii to prevent any negative impacts on the native bird population and ecosystem. Conservation efforts, such as promoting responsible pet ownership and protecting natural habitats, play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of Hawaii’s bird species.

SpeciesScientific NameAppearanceHabitat
House FinchHaemorhous mexicanusMales: Red head, breast, and rump; brown back and belly with streaks
Females: Brown body with hints of red on wings and tail
Gardens, parks, open fields

Other Red Headed Birds of Hawaii

Apart from the gorgeous red-headed birds we have already discussed, Hawaii is also home to several other fascinating species with striking red head plumage. Let’s delve into the vibrant world of these birds!

7. Yellow-Billed Cardinal

Yellow-billed Cardinal

A term often mistakenly applied to the Red-Crested Cardinal (Paroaria coronata), known as the Brazilian Cardinal.

The Yellow-Billed Cardinal is a bird known for its bright red head and unique yellow bill. This species adds a burst of color to Hawaii’s landscapes, much like the red-crested cardinal, and is a joy to observe in its natural habitat on the Hawaiʻi birding trails.

8. Scarlet Ibis

The Scarlet Ibis, with its vibrant red feathers and long, curved bill, is a true spectacle. These graceful birds can be found wading through the wetlands of Hawaii, showcasing their mesmerizing red plumage.

9. Red Avadavat

Red Avadavat

The Red Avadavat, also known as the Strawberry Finch, is a small bird with a striking red head. These birds are often seen perching on trees and shrubs, bringing a touch of elegance to the Hawaiian scenery.

10. Common Redpoll

common redpoll

The Common Redpoll is a charming bird with a red-capped head and a distinctive red throat patch. These birds can be spotted in Hawaii’s snowy regions, adding a pop of color to the winter landscape.

11. Red Junglefowl

Red Junglefowl

Last but not least, the Red Junglefowl, famously known as the ancestor of domestic chickens, also boasts a red head. These birds are known for their vibrant plumage and are a testament to Hawaii’s rich biodiversity.

These remarkable red-headed birds, including the Yellow-Billed CardinalScarlet IbisRed AvadavatCommon Redpoll, and Red Junglefowl, contribute to the diverse and colorful ecosystem of Hawaii. Their presence is a treat for bird enthusiasts and a testament to the natural beauty of the islands.

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